Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday, July 19th Update

                       THERE ARE 2 STARTING LINES!

1. They are both a short walk from registration!

   Go to the start line on St. Rt. 109 by the VFW building.

   Go to the start line located at Kips Garage on Maple St. 

4. IF you are running with family or friend and want to stay together you can!

   * Remember everyone "merges" together in 200 meters! *

                              TRAFFIC "WHEN LEAVING" ROUTES

   When leaving the parking lot areas from behind the BUS GARAGE AREA, you will be detoured down an alley TILL the finish line area is open to traffic! PLEASE ANTICIPATE DELAYS if you leave early and runners are still on the course!
                     If you have questions please contact us!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tigertown 5000 Gains Another National Sponsor!

     It's amazing to see great things happen at Tigertown... Today we received confirmation the Arby's has joined to become one of our investing sponsors for this year's race! Everywhere you shop chances are there's an Arby's roast beef franchise near... All we can say to all of you is "What a door prize give away you are going to have!" Get your family & friends signed up for one of the best 5K races this side of the Mississippi River!
     Grandma Bonnie and her girls are gearing up for some great food and drink for all athletes and will be serving from "2" tents this year to speed things along... If you've been here for the race before you know they put a special "spin" on your post race goodies! Please be sure to thank them for all their hard work & commitment to you!

                       COUNTDOWN TO TIGERTOWN ...
                                  ARE YOU SIGNED UP?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

This Tigertown Is Getting Amazing For You Already!

Where in Ohio, let alone in the USA can you get so much "Bang for you buck!" If you've ever done either the "kids" Ricky's Fun Run or the "exciting" Tigertown 5000 you know we "roll out the red carpet" in excitement for everyone!

Here is a "listing" of your 5K adventure!

  1. Lightning fast 5K race course
  2. Computer timing
  3. "2" starting lines merging together in 200 meters!
  4. New asphalt roadway at strategic areas of the course! NEW FOR 2014
  5. Starting line music
  6. Midway "LIVE DJ!" music NEW FOR 2014
  7. Finish line music
  8. "3" supported water stops
  9. Great course security
10. Easy registration areas!
11. A "banquet" of a post race party by Grandma Bonnie & her girls!
12. Air conditioned awards in a theatre setting...
13. Totally "insane" door prize giveaways! (Last year we topped 250...)
14. Professional training advice from Dave's Running Shop personnel!
15. Over "50" friendly & supporting sponsors...
16. Custom medal age group awards
17. $100 cash prize for course record! (male & female)
18. Women cut "tech" shirts (limited availability... ) NEW FOR 2014

This list could continue and those who have been here before surely could add their own thoughts of excitement for sure! This is your "people's race" for the Midwest USA!

We are again very honored for this year to be one of Dave's Running Shops "premier events" and be their host race for their "Need for Speed" 5K training program. Nearly "300" runners are now receiving custom training and workouts from the Dave's group in weekly workout events. They have committed time & energy to test their "inner dimension" to run their best 5K. The Tigertown will provide those resources to give them the edge!

Need we say more...?

The next step is up to you!

Check your racing schedule...

1. Sign up today by downloading (you have a tab on this website) and sending your entry.


2. Register online at (fee charge for service)

We have one question for YOU?


Sunday, May 4, 2014

We Lost April... So Let's Update in May!

   We are working to surpass this year's Tigertown 5000 Road Race with more excitement than the runner can imagine! Beside inquiries from "new" potential sponsors, to unique "on course" features and not to be forgotten our "fabulous" door prize giveaways your day will be full of excitement in Liberty Center!

   Each year we have unique stories come our way from runners from all over the United States and Canada. Do you have a story to share? From "family accomplishment", to people running for charities, to folks from far off communities in the United States we provide and recognize them all!

   We are thankful to the commitment of Dave's Running Shop for making us their "signature race" for their "PR 5K" Program, which experienced staff will provide "custom tailored" training in the 5K run. Through this multi week series of informative events you will by the end of July be at your "peak of excitement" in training to run your best 5K ever! Along with discounts, apparel, and personalized training you get the most "bang for your buck"! See Dave's website at for more information. Last year over 125 athletes took advantage of the offer! Are you?

   We ask that you sign up early and not wait to the last moment this year? We are working to utilize our "two starting lines" that go off "simultaneously"  at the "same time" and merge together in less than 200 meters. This year you will be "assigned" WHICH start line you are to use! More information on this will be given the next two blog updates! Keep checking back from time to time and get signed up "NOW" for the 2014 Tigertown 5000!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Come on Warm Weather!

Greetings all!

It's 2014 and we are well underway to provide another fun filled and competitive atmosphere in road racing for you that the State of Ohio has to offer! After our 10th (2013) year we are committed to bring you a "great event" not just another 5K... With a lightning fast course, multiple water stops for support, a "way beyond" the normal post race party, and a "massive" door prize giveaway that your odds are by far better than winning the lottery! We are also one of the few in northwest Ohio to offer "custom made" medals for overall winners in their respective settings as well as "15" age group categories!

And... If that isn't enough to spark your interest, we have the only 5K we know of that has "2" starting lines that start simultaneously, and merge together in 200 meters into a "mad dash", "mob scene" excitement that you and your fans will become fully engulfed in the competitive spirit!

"New for 2014" (by your request...) we will be offering a "women's cut" tech shirt for a limited time! Dave's Running Shop who is one of our top sponsors for the Tigertown 5000 has looked throughout the Midwest to provide the "best" quality for the price shirt! We also give basically a "no feel" print on the garment versus other road races that offer a shirt that "lays on you..."
    There will be more forth coming for the DEADLINE for the lady's to get this limited edition!  

So, it time to think "racing" and secure your entry in this year's Tigertown 5000! You can download the event entry or sign up at $Note$ There is a processing fee to sign up online...

Next update in April... See you then!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tigertown 5000 Ends on a Successful Year!

     As we close out 2013, it was a large growth of what has been 10 years of Tigertown! Thank you everyone! We look forward to 2014 with excitement already in the air for all in July... Tigertown is ALWAYS the last Saturday in JULY...

     1.) We were able to purchase equipment needed this year that was rented in the past...

     2.) A high school scholarship is starting this year in memory of Ricky Roell! (More info coming)

     3.) Dave's Running Shop has committed to again host their 5K training program in 2014!

     In February we will begin to countdown for July and the 2014 Tigertown 5000, see you next year!