Friday, March 28, 2014

Come on Warm Weather!

Greetings all!

It's 2014 and we are well underway to provide another fun filled and competitive atmosphere in road racing for you that the State of Ohio has to offer! After our 10th (2013) year we are committed to bring you a "great event" not just another 5K... With a lightning fast course, multiple water stops for support, a "way beyond" the normal post race party, and a "massive" door prize giveaway that your odds are by far better than winning the lottery! We are also one of the few in northwest Ohio to offer "custom made" medals for overall winners in their respective settings as well as "15" age group categories!

And... If that isn't enough to spark your interest, we have the only 5K we know of that has "2" starting lines that start simultaneously, and merge together in 200 meters into a "mad dash", "mob scene" excitement that you and your fans will become fully engulfed in the competitive spirit!

"New for 2014" (by your request...) we will be offering a "women's cut" tech shirt for a limited time! Dave's Running Shop who is one of our top sponsors for the Tigertown 5000 has looked throughout the Midwest to provide the "best" quality for the price shirt! We also give basically a "no feel" print on the garment versus other road races that offer a shirt that "lays on you..."
    There will be more forth coming for the DEADLINE for the lady's to get this limited edition!  

So, it time to think "racing" and secure your entry in this year's Tigertown 5000! You can download the event entry or sign up at $Note$ There is a processing fee to sign up online...

Next update in April... See you then!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tigertown 5000 Ends on a Successful Year!

     As we close out 2013, it was a large growth of what has been 10 years of Tigertown! Thank you everyone! We look forward to 2014 with excitement already in the air for all in July... Tigertown is ALWAYS the last Saturday in JULY...

     1.) We were able to purchase equipment needed this year that was rented in the past...

     2.) A high school scholarship is starting this year in memory of Ricky Roell! (More info coming)

     3.) Dave's Running Shop has committed to again host their 5K training program in 2014!

     In February we will begin to countdown for July and the 2014 Tigertown 5000, see you next year!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tigertown 5000 PR Pacers Coming!

This year's Tigertown has added another fantastic feature! Dave's Running Shop is gearing up for getting you through that "need for speed" to help you achieve your fastest 5k! They will have "pacers" that are there to run a pre-determined time. Basically, as an example, if you think you can run a 25 minutes 5K you stage yourself with that designated person carrying the signage. Look for the finish time you're comfortable with... This extra is part of the growing and successful "PR 5K Program" started 8 weeks ago in the Toledo, Findlay, Perrysburg & Sylvania area. Check into the Dave's Running Shop website and see what upcoming program they offer to get the best performance out of you!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Final Race Week Instructions

Finally all the anticipation & planning for the 2013 Tigertown 5000 is down to the "fine tuning" of what looks like another record turnout for one of "America's Premier 5K" races for excitement, speed, music, prizes, food & laughter! We want everyone to enjoy their day with us and feel the energy of this year's Tigertown!

We just want to share some "points of interest" that will make your time in Liberty Center enjoyable.

1.) Plan & arrive early! (registration opens at opens at 7am)

2.) Parking is plenty!
          a. There is excess to the rear of high school off St. Rt. 109
          b. There is excess from in front of high school (Young St.), just follow the BLUE signs!
          c. Parking direction is "ONE WAY" in front of school!
          d. Parking can be found throughout the Village of Liberty Center
                       (Do not park on course, you will be towed at owners expense!)

3.) If you leave BEFORE the finish line area is re-opened you will have to "detour" to leave!
          a. If you are parked off Young St. (street in front of high school), then when you exit follow
                   signs and "detour" down "Flower Lane" which is a back alley to St. Rt. 109.

4.) There are (2) STARTING LINES! (EAST & WEST)
           a. EAST start is "RIGHT" when you exit registration area on St. Rt. 109
                   * Please stay off the road till the announcer gives the go ahead!
           b. WEST start line is a "short walk" "LEFT", when you leave registration...

4.) Race Day Instructions
          a. Eat a light breakfast & hydrate!
                   * It is a tradition for warm weather on race day...
          b. Arrive early!
                   * With over "500" runners/walkers pre-registered it's going to be crowded!
          c. Check-in at registration IMMEDIATELY if you did not participated at one of
                    Dave's Running Shops early packet pickup nights!
                    * There is shoe samples at registration for shoe chip placement or just ask!
          f. DO NOT interrupt finish line officials for your time and results!
                    * They are very busy keeping at the computers and providing for your safety!
                    * Results will be posted at registration on the Dave's Running Shop trailer parked in the
                            front yard by the Toledo Road Runners race management team.

5.) Safety for Everyone!
          a. This is our #1 priority!
          b. We have plenty of water available for you!
          c. We have medical assistance throughout the course!
                     * Liberty/Washington Twp. Fire & Rescue are staged on the course...
          d.  There is a "sag wagon" that will follow the last runner/walker...
          e. There will be medical personal at finish line area available...
          f. We have (3) water stops on the race course!
          g. PLEASE be "patient" if traffic does backup coming into/leaving Liberty Center...

6.) Awards & Door Prizes
          a. Ricky's Run raffle for the John Deere tractor will be held BEFORE the race!
                   * This is for PAID participates in the Ricky's Run!
                   * You must have your "race bib" on your shirt!
                   * You must receive a "pink" raffle ticket to be eligible, see workers!

          b. Tigertown awards will be handed out when results are received!
          c. Awards are held in our A/C little theater inside the high school!
                   * IT IS A "FULL HOUSE" INSIDE!
          d. Door prizes are plenty again this year!
                   * You will receive a raffle ticket at entrance to little theater...
                   * Please be courteous to others and fill seats!
                   * Once everyone is "packed" into the theater we will start calling numbers!
                   * Yes, Dominic is back again this year for a "lil redneck" humor!
           e. Please when you leave pick up your trash and help us!

You have the facts for where we are at this time! In case of inclement weather (storms) as long as there is "NO LIGHTNING" the races will still go off! If we do have the threat of LIGHTNING the fire chief of the Liberty/Washington fire department (Mr. Lane Wiley) will be the official "go ahead" official to run the race! Again, there is no refunds if the race is postponed and no rain date! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Final Days to Pre-Register for Northwest Ohio's Premier Event!

Get in on the fun filled action of this years Tigertown 5000 Road Race! The excitement continues to grow with more new sponsors, great awards, water stops, music, food & amazing door prizes!

                        Deadline for pre-registration is Wednesday, July 17th

We also welcome with us this year Liechty Farm Equipment in Napoleon Ohio & "Field of Dreams" Drive - In Theaters with (2) locations in Tiffin and Liberty Center, Ohio

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Early Packet Pickup Dates & Times

It's simply amazing the amount of entries already in for this year's running of the Tigertown 5000! We thank you for signing early and receiving a discount on the 2014 Tigertown ($2.00 off) next year. There is still time (June 21st) to get in on the 1st day of summer special! Visit or send us your entry...

Dave's Running Shop is hosting "2 nights" of early packet pickup!

In Sylvania on July 25th (5-8pm)
In Perrysburg on July 26th (5-8pm)